3CX VoIP PBX Systems

We are providing you with the information below to enable you to research and evaluate telephony products that are available from the leading brands. To get an idea of how the systems scale, their capacity is indicated by maximum number of extensions (Users).

3CX Telephone Systems
Advance your interchanges with 3CX Phone System for Windows - an IP Phone System that totally replaces your exclusive PBX, underpins standard SIP delicate/hard telephones, VOIP administrations and conventional PSTN telephone lines. 3CX is a product construct IP PBX which keeps running in light of a Windows-based PC or Server and permits you to appreciate premise-based IP PBX Services without buying a costly, restrictive PBX Appliance. 3CX Phone System v12 and later likewise bolsters a very much prepared 3CXPhone delicate customer which will keep running on your Android, iPhone, or Windows cell phone and permits all of you the elements of your VoIP deskphone including vicinity and talk.

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