Telephony Solutions - KAREL

We are providing you with the information below to enable you to research and evaluate telephony products that are available from the leading brands. To get an idea of how the systems scale, their capacity is indicated by maximum number of extensions (Users).

  • KAREL Telephone System

    Telephone Extensions (Users): 1-128 Download Brochure

  • DS Range Telephone Systems

    Telephone Extensions (Users): 16-10600 Download Brochure

  • DECT ID 210 Telephone Systems
  • Karel Handsets
  • FT 15 -Operator Console
  • TM120 Hands-free Caller-ID Phone
  • IP 102-IP PHONE
  • IP 116-IP PHONE
  • ST 30 DIGITAL Handset with bluetooth interface
  • ST 26 DIGITAL Handset